*UPDATE* – Pandas

An earlier post accused pandas of being legally blind.

Apparently pandas in fact have excellent eyesight.

This was revealed after a google search of the term ‘panda eyesight.’

The panda’s grade has therefore been revised to reflect this new information.



2 responses to “*UPDATE* – Pandas

  1. What do you have against pandas? No wonder not very many people like you! Except for wasps and mosquitoes, I think all animals are equal. Now go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

    • What part of dumb, useless animal that goes out of its way not to survive don’t you understand?

      More to the point, the fact that they have good eyesight just makes them all the more shameful, perhaps they could be forgiven for not mating if they simply could not SEE potential mates.

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