*UPDATE* – Animal Review Book

Dear readers:

Against their better judgment, the good people at Bloomsbury USA have offered to make an Animal Review book.

Why they are doing this is anyone’s guess, but somehow they decided to, so there should be a book available sometime next April. The next several months will be eaten up by the process of actually writing said book, so posts will be less frequent for a bit. Just kinda FYI.

Thanks to everyone for reading Animal Review, and a special thanks to Nick Trautwein, formerly of Bloomsbury, for an epic lapse in judgment.

28 responses to “*UPDATE* – Animal Review Book

  1. While it pains me a little to think of less frequent posts, I am very happy about the book. This site is awesome, six thumbs up and an elbow.

  2. Congratulations.
    Maybe they’ll make this a whole series of books, and I’ll be able to replace my old Wildlife Encyclopedias.

  3. Congrats. I’m sure I’ll buy it.

  4. A book? Nice, something new for me to chew up (after Sarah reads it).

  5. I’m going to wait for the movie to come out. I don’t like to read.


  6. Mazel tov; i will buy myself a copy and one for a friend.
    I would love to see these in Zoobook format.

  7. Can’t wait to have this on my coffee table!!
    Congrats. We will suffer the fewer posts in silence.

  8. YIPPEE!

    p.s. I expect a free, autographed copy!

  9. Hurraah!
    That takes care of everyone’s Christmas presents next year then…
    Jolly well done.

  10. Mazel tov.

    Since there won’t be as much Animal Review to fill our days, we could do something for the greater community. Or you could check out this, which has the same delightfully skewed perspective on life. http://www.amazon.com/Theres-Office-Meaningless-Coworkers-Conversation/dp/1569757011/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1238088091&sr=8-1

  11. I’ll still get the book, but I bet the movie would be good. I’d imagine there would be some sort of Bloodsport/March Madness tournament. Obvioulsy, Great White Shark and King Cobra would get No. 1 seeds. Bullet Ant would probably be a cinderella pick. Who wins it all? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  12. Less frequent posts? Is it possible to post less frequently than you have been to this point?

  13. mexicanjanitor26


    I would have to say the sloth would be the cinderella pick

  14. Oh my goodness, I am super excited. I was hoping you’d write a book. I will totally buy it!

  15. I’ll jump on the comment bandwagon too and say that I enjoy reading things.

  16. On paper, I mean. I enjoy reading things on paper.

  17. I’m saving a spot for it right next to the Stuff White People Like book. Please hurry, I need my fix…

  18. congrats! i admire the self deprecation, but you totally deserve.

  19. Bravo!
    Let Bloomsbury put it together. You have done the (brain)work that counts. Keep doing the posts. Your work is such that you ought to spin off a Politician Review site with international and domestic divisions. You would never lack subject matter.

  20. Congratulations, but I kind of have to agree with ed newman up there. I’m not someone who flies into a rage if a site I like isn’t updated every hour or even every day, but a new review has become something of a monumental event, which….really shouldn’t be the case. The reviews are good, but they’re not *that* good. So, again, congratulations, but I won’t be buying that book.

  21. You will totally buy the book, lareigna! You know you will! You will! You love it.

  22. laraeinga, ed and Larry, why should he give it away, when people will pay for it?….when they (we) will. Dude’s a business man and a hell of funny writer, that’s called GETTING PAID. Who who amongst wouldn’t?

  23. Ted, I don’t blame him at all for taking the opportunity to be paid for his work, which is why I offered congratulations. And hey, maybe in a year I’ll change my mind and decide to buy it after all. I guess I’ve just gone slightly off the site in the last few months because of new content being so thin on the ground.

  24. Would those concerned about lack of updates while a book’s being written PLEASE please do us all a favor and let us know what it’s like to be perfect and enlighten the rest of us about how to do it all all the time and do it perfectly? After nearly 40 years, I *still* haven’t figured that out.

    Hope the book writing’s going well. Patience, after all, is a virtue.

    That said…hurry the hell up. 🙂

  25. breedersdigest

    ooh becky, what a complicated and multi-layered comment you’ve left!

  26. Becky,

    I can’t help you on advice about being perfect, but here’s an unrelated tip: when you’re composing your scathing indictment of a comment on a website, make sure you’ve read and understood the comment first so you don’t look unintelligent (because I’m certain you’re not.) I made no criticism of posts being less frequent while the book is being written, i.e., after the March 25 post, what I objected to was the infrequency of posts before, which put me off the site so I wasn’t overly excited about the book.

    I appreciate that it takes time to compose entries as good as these, but I have a lot of favourite blogs that are just as funny or funnier and they manage to update more often than once or twice a month.

  27. I will totally buy this book. Is there any way to get an email when it’s published?

  28. As of today, there have officially been six months without an update.

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