*Update* – Animal Review. On Facebook. Whatevs.

Animal Review and the upcoming Animal Review book now have an official page on Facebook.


Why should you go there and join? We’ve been over this in our heads like a billion times, and nothing. We really have zero on this issue. Unfortunately, we realized this AFTER we went through the major hassle of putting it up and uploading our photo and adding links and RSS and all that rigamarole. Honestly, it seemed kinda like a decent idea at the time (our other idea was Animal Review ‘cloud computing,’ but we couldn’t figure out what that meant exactly).

So once again:


Anyway, we’re almost 100% certain that the Animal Review Facebook page will do nothing to improve your life. Our apologies for shoving this on everyone.

4 responses to “*Update* – Animal Review. On Facebook. Whatevs.

  1. Thank you nice post Boss…

  2. Au contraire, Animal Reviewer, the Facebook page gave me a link to buy the book!

  3. Surely, the Axolotls has busted the bell curve..?

  4. I loved the bit about dinos and how if a bear traveld back to their time they run and scream like a little girl. However there was apparantly one bigger the the T-rex. I cannot remember the name of by hand but if you contact me I will be happy to go dig up some info on it.

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