*Update – Oops*

Animal Review would like to thank another alert reader for pointing out a factual error which might be classified as a disaster. In the Platypus review (our second review after Panda, who kicked things off back in May of 2008) we incorrectly referred to mammals as ‘animals with hair that don’t lay eggs.’ Of course, this joke should have read something like: ‘animals with milk-producing mammary glands that don’t lay eggs, except now for the stupid echidna.’ We stand by our pithy definition as the preferred joke definition of mammals. However, we should have been more accurate (or at least accurate), are terribly embarrassed over the whole thing, and extend a hairy mammalian fist bump to Leo who noticed and reported the blunder.

5 responses to “*Update – Oops*

  1. Sadly, you have also forgotten about Platypus.

    • Actually, we think we finally got it right this time. The new line, in context of the review, assumes the Platypus has already been – how shall we say – removed from the equation with a bolt action rifle. Do NOT try this at home.

  2. Actually, the platypus and the echidna are special types of mammals called monotremes that do lay eggs and are only found in Australia, I think I must be your only Aussie reader 🙂

  3. It is a shocking scandal that Animal Review does not have a reveiw of the Echidna which along with the Platypus is the most unique animal in the entire world. It is one of the main reasons that Australia is the best place in the world to check out animals, having about 101% of the world’s marsupials, including the Platypus and the Echidna which are the uniquest.

  4. And bunyips, don’t forget the bunyips…

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