About Animal Review

This site reviews animal species objectively.

Email: animalreview@hotmail.com

61 responses to “About Animal Review

  1. An-emalz-haterz

    Truly genius. It really is. We love it. Piss in your pants funny – and so true.

  2. What about pandas being cute and fuzzy? Doesn’t that count for something? Besides, don’t they eat healthily — I know some homo sapiens who should follow that diet (self not included, of course). I say we move their grade up to at least passing — like a C.

  3. Although the review on the fly was spot on — pretty much everything else in this blog offends me on every level. I’ll probably have to sue someone. And Kudos to An-emalz-haterz for using the word piss in his response.

  4. Everyone knows that bears are by far the greatest animals of all. Thoughts?

  5. Every other bear has the decency to at least ackowledge its species in its name (although it is a bit redundant seeing that the grizzly doesn’t really need to remind anyone that it’s a fucking bear, plus they aren’t really the most imaginative ones going, yeah you’re brown, we get it, we see in colour you know) but oh no not the Panda who has given itself a moniker that is the bear equivalent of Francis or Julian… wait a minute… didn’t you say male Pandas have no interest in mating with female Pandas… I think I’ve figured this one out…

    (incase you didn’t notice I’m implying they are all gay, not that there’s anything wrong with it)

  6. Oh and any plans for an RRS feed?

  7. Emily, pandas are not even cute. At all. Grow up!

  8. Arrrghhhh I did not see the link to the feed…

  9. I love this blog. The sense of humour and writing style are top-notch. I only read the most recent two posts but I’ll be back to read the rest.

    Very cool!

  10. are you the same animal review who used to publish actual magazine-type objects in the 90s? (i.e. print version of Animal Review)

  11. if i was more successful in life, i would no doubt award you whatever honor or prestigious title it was in my power to grant. that not being the case shouldn’t stop you from continuing your groundbreaking work. thank you.

  12. I have no idea how I landed on this site (too many tabs open HELPME) but, “Photo credit: Uhura?” One small caption – and one snort-laugh – later, and I’m hooked.

  13. this site is all kinds of biodiverse comedic awesomeness!

  14. snuffalufagus

    Possibly the greatest interweb site of all time! However, I will not deem it the greatest until there is a review of the dik dik (one of the most hilarious animals of all time).

  15. Zounds, I hate monkeys. Thank you for grading them with a C. Although I would have gone with F-.

    This is one of the funniest blogs I’ve ever seen. Well-written, too — a rarity!

    Anyway, you had me at pandas.

    Also? Panda moms are the WORST moms ever. Many utterly reject their own babies (gross, pink, squalling things that they are). Then, because of their lame food issues, moms leave the poor, pathetic spawn alone and completely defenseless for several hours at a time. “Here, leopard, I left you a snack!”

    Thanks, panda mom. Sheesh.

  16. omg omg omg. i totally love animals. also, i love to laugh. therefore, i find your site (skipped through pajiba) sooooooooooooooooooo…alright/kinda ok!

  17. Trichoplax adhaerens


    A disc-like, three cell type microscopic organism with no organ structure. Not actually a precursor to the sponge, but a very devolved descendant of some invertebrate. I recommend you get on it.

    That and the chickadee. Because chickadees are awesome.

  18. This is the greatest best web site I’ve seen in a while. I will be back for more.

  19. HILARIOUS! I’ll be back for more!

  20. I must say: your site is terrific. All my friends love it: keep up the good work!!

  21. You really made me crack up with your Cardinals review – very funny, very classy. Kepp it up!

  22. Can we get a koala review? I have a co-worker who refuses to believe that koalas can be fierce. This site has improved so many days for me.

  23. I just stumbled upon this site looking for a photo of a cardinal to show my English friend, but didn’t read it until later, when I went to close the window. How hilarious! Well done. I’m still laughing. Definitely a bookmarkable site.

  24. This is one of my favorite websites. Really terrific, hilarious stuff. I’m happy to see that some people still value internet writing that’s more than one unpunctuated sentence long. Congratulations on the book deal, and keep up the good work!

  25. I miss animal review 😦

  26. I would like to know about the author, and if he/she has any related scientific background.

  27. I’m putting you on my blog-roll because you are FUNNY!

  28. Your blog doesn’t seem to include Pronghorn. They are simply fascinating. There is no reason the second fastest land mammal should be so unknown.

  29. Your blog is awesome! i love it. Please add an entry on turtles

  30. Um where’s the brown bear. I’m convinced its the most terrifying creature in North America. My point was proved by Grizzly Man. Though unfortunately that movie was probably not enough to debunk the nonsense that Theodore Roosevelt started of them being a cute cuddly animals .

  31. Grizzly bears are the only creatures that can run straight up a steep hill/mountain. Other animals zig-zag or bound short distances, but only the grizzly has sheer kick-butt uphill charging power. Now that’s an extra-credit worthy skill.

  32. Tarantulas must be added, and points should be given for molting and leaving an exact copy of themselves behind just to trick you.

  33. You two truely fail at life. These comments are down right idiodic. The fact that you are writing as coherently as you do truely amazes me. If ignorance is bliss you must be very very happy. The only was any of this is excusable is if you are under the age of nine.

  34. this site is HILARIOUS!!!! best way to waste time at work

  35. Love this site. Wasted the whole day at work reading the entire archive. I mean… I dedicated a whole day at work to expanding my knowledge of animals and biology. Trivial Pursuit: Animal Edition here I come. Thanks guys.

    • Thanks BoredAtWork! in Trivial Pursuit Animal Edition, the answer is usually Squirrel Monkey. Just a helpful tip.

  36. I heard Animal Review’s spot on NPR this past Sunday; I usually don’t laugh that hard when I’m listening to All Things Considered.

  37. Site is awesome – but sometimes I just need a quick reference guide so that, in a tight corner, I can quickly tell if I’m onto a winner or not.

    Could you see your way to adding a link with a ranked list of animals? THANK YOU

  38. So when are you going to review the pistol shrimp?

  39. This is awesome! I’m going to put a link to you on my website and plug you on my facebook page!


  40. Thank you for your insight. I would really appreciate your thoughts about the monarch butterfly.

  41. my new favorite site. fantastic.

  42. Found this site thru Boing Boing–you guys rock! If you were an animal, you’d definitely get an A.

  43. great work fellas. you’ve inspired some “Reviews” of my own:


  44. I love this blog SOOO much. I wrote a review on the pandas before I knew about this site and I am so glad there are people who think about them the way I think about them. I never gave them a letter grade though, that’s a good idea. F- totally. I LOVE the porcupine review. So far that’s my fave, but I’m in the middle of reading them.

  45. Great site! I think I’ll include in my own blogroll. We are lucky to live on a world with so much life on it…it’s all amazing, every last scale and claw and wing of it.

  46. Dude, I just watched CNN. Good job 😉

  47. Heard you guys with Jann on Q. You guys are hilarious! Loved it!

  48. Elizabeth Campbell

    I love this site, but could you please do owls if you haven’t already? There’s this weird, annoying hipster obsession with them right now. Everyone has an owl tattoo or writes a poem about them. Not that owls aren’t cool, I think these people need some perspective. Please provide it.

  49. Start with the intention to research the dietary habits of sea cucumbers, and end up giggling my ass off over the plight of grizzly bears were they to come face to face with one anger-ball T-Rex. Love it. Thank you for making my day.

  50. Like Robin, I’m confused–there is no connection between this site and the zine “Animal Review” from the 90s? Similar subject matter but I don’t see Nell’s name anywhere here.

  51. Love your work. Hoping for some more 😀
    The review of the garden snail is my favourite; hilarious portrayal of evolution!

  52. Hey there,
    I did a google search of random letters odss then clicked on images…a picture of some birds caught my eye and here I ended up! How cool..great site glad I found it!
    Keep it going : ) AM.

  53. Looooooove the blog! Hoping there’s new entries on the horizon? I can only re-read the book so many times.

  54. I love this website. My only complaint is the lack of posting of late; there are so many animals I need a grade for!!



  57. That’s a nice post really like your search criteria.

  58. It’s a relief that I managed to come across wordpress.com: it has the info I was definitely looking for. You’ve produced an excellent resource and it’s clear you have a thorough understanding of the topic. You have opened up my eyes to numerous ideas concerning this particular subject using intriguing and strong material.

  59. When will you be posting again?

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