*Update* – Truly Insane Video

Recently the Animal Review was forwarded this video.

There really aren’t good words for this sort of thing, other than that these sharks must have been asleep at the eating switch that day.


20 responses to “*Update* – Truly Insane Video

  1. Time to change their grade!

  2. Also amazing is the surfer’s ability to remain calm. I probably would have thrashed about like a succulent, delicious seal if I was in his place.

  3. Scary looking dude. Maybe is looking to project a different image, an alter ego of sorts.

  4. After watching this again, I’m fairly certain Great White Shark is running for office. This smacks of one of those issues-group ads, designed to show us the warm, compassionate side of Great White. Notice how there was no voiceover of “I’m Great White, and I approve this message.” It is the mid-term elections, afterall, and candidates are pulling out all the stops.

  5. I call shenanigans. Something doesn’t add up here. If there are sharks swimming around, why are those people not dead? How was the tape retrieved? Just like Blair Witch Project…

  6. Not sure if everyone is aware of this, but SUP surfing is short for “Stand Up Paddling”. So no part of the surfer was in the water, only his paddle and board. It’s still insane that the shark didn’t just eat his board before moving on to the main course…

  7. that’s mental! I don’t care if he was standing on the moon….that’s still scary vision

  8. Wow….

    So, when are you going to do more full length reviews!!! I need to laugh at snails and pandas to get through my day at work!!

  9. I agree with thelamest(dot)com , that’s still scary vision..

  10. You know it’s been a long time since an update when you get excited to see two new comments for the first time in months.

  11. this article reports that the great white was an awkward teenager. By extension, it must have gone through more torment and angst than the average teenager. Unfortunately, it seems that carcharidon carcharias didn’t find an outlet for this angst, like thrash metal or high contact sport. Rather, it kept it all bottled up inside until it grew up to become the world’s greatest cause of death.

  12. It took a lot of time to go through all of your previous entries and I appreciate the respect for Me which is clearly shown (and expected).

    You have not posted recently. This tends to make King Cobras rather pissed off.

    You really do not want a pissed off King Cobra.

    I am a pissed off King Cobra.

    You can remedy this!

    Got my beady lil eyes on you and I know where you live!

  13. Really miss seeing posts — agree with King Cobra — perhaps we should bring the pink TRex into the discussion.
    Please, please, more posts.

  14. How long has it been since you’ve updated?

  15. Wow nice blog.
    Check out my new daily updated blog based on Anti-Animal Cruelty.

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  16. “Hey, Chuck! What did you do yesterday?”
    “I went out on my flimsy, awkwardly balanced paddleboard. Two sharks circled me for like twenty minutes. It was intense!”
    “Wow! I bet! Whatcha doing today?”
    “I’m gonna go to the same spot around the same time and try to film the sharks on my flimsy, awkwardly balanced paddleboard.”
    “Why do you want to get eaten, Chuck?”

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